Deborah Dolen’s Floral Design 101 [Design in Vases] and Floral Design 102 [Design in Containers] are now all available on Amazon’s Instant Video platform.  All of Deborah Dolen Mabel White  films were co-produced by “Create Space.”  CreateSpace is an Amazon holding.  Deborah Dolens Floral Design book is also available on the Amazon instant platform and for Kindle.  In 2012 Deborah Dolen created a blog that talks about Floral Design and that blog is here:

Floral Design 101 and 102 Films and books written by Ms. Dolen are also available at Amazon France and Amazon UK.  Deborah Dolen is also known as pen name Mabel White.  Deborah Dolen Mabel White books and media are all available on Amazon and the new Kindle platform.

Deborah Dolen is an author who lives in Florida and who wrote many of her most famous soap books while visiting  Texas in years 2007-2009.  Deborah Dolen has lived in Sarasota Florida as well as Bradenton Florida and has always been a huge advocate of Farmer’s Markets – whether it be the Bradenton Farmer’s Market or Sarasota Farmer’s Markets.  Deborah Dolen and her dog Ringo are often sighted at one Farmer’s market or the other. 

In year 2007 Deborah Dolen went to Texas to finish writing two soap books and in hopes to avoid the active Florida hurricane season.  In 2008 Hurricane Ike  directly struck Galveston Bay where Deborah Dolen and her Dog Ringo were staying, so the two moved back to Florida in 2009 so that Deborah could continue writing her books about soap, candles, floral design.

Floral Design 101 and 102 Films,and Making Chocolate produced by Deborah Dolen premier for the first time on Amazon’s downloadable wireless network.

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