Do you know 40% of flu virus is from the water?  Why?

View the original article by Deborah Dolen Author here  Author Deborah Dolen wrote this article while staying in Texas where it became obvious water treatment efforts are not enough in big cities.  When it comes to big cities, forty percent of viruses do originate from our very own tap water.  So, if you ever wondered how you could get sick when you never left the house, well, that could be one big reason why according to Deborah Dolen Author of 28 non-fiction books.

So before hurricane Ike even hit Texas and affected its public water supplies, the public water system was already in trouble.  Now Texas faces opposite issues, in come counties, such as no water at all.  Water is being shipped in to various Texas cities.  Savy residents have opted for rain barrels and that is helping a lot for short or periods of absent rain fall.

Deborah Dolen Author is now back in Florida and Florida is not spared its own water issues.  Deborah Dolen lives in Bradenton, FL county of Manatee which does have one of the best water conservation systems in all of Florida.  “Our county has been as on top of the problem as any county can be.”

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